Mango Gelees




Recipe number two from my cooking extravaganza was another one I tackled because it seemed like very little input for something truly beautiful. And, yes, it was very easy and I hope you agree the result is beautiful.

I happened upon this recipe in the latest issue of Gourmet magazine. They were smack right in the center of the front cover.


Alas, instead of passion fruit puree, I could only find mango fruit puree/juice. My husband and I are big fans of mango, so I figured, let’s take a chance. The result was yummy, sweet and full of tropical flavor… making you wonder what the heck we’re doing living up in what is becoming a frosty New England when we could be basking in the Florida sun like my husband’s Dad now does year round.

The gelees were a bit too sweet for my taste – I can only have one piece once in a while. But I plan to gift these to children of friends during the holiday season. This recipe makes quite a bit of candy, but I will package only 5-6 pieces in small cute cellophane bags with festive ribbon. A little goes a long way.

(By the way, I rolled them in organic sugar – so it feels like you’re making something slightly healthy for kids. Even though it is, after all, still sugar.)

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  • I saw the recipe but I couldn’t find passion fruit puree here too, this is a clever twist to the original recipe. I will definitely give it a try, with maybe less sugar, since you mentioned that it’s too sweet. I heart mango, btw! 🙂

  • Maggie

    The first few of them are very sweet, as they’re covered in sugar… but now, as I dig in every once in a while, I find them to be very mellow compared to all the other sweet treats I have around at the holidays. All my guests have said the same thing too – as I always serve a few at the very, very end of a meal. I think I will add even more mango puree to my next batch along with a squeeze of lime juice, to up the flavor.

  • Wow, these look great! I love mango too. Did you find that the mango puree was quite sour? I made a tart with passion fruit puree once, and it (the puree) was very sour. Thanks for the idea. I like passion fruit, but I like mango more.

  • Not sour at all actually! I was thinking a touch of lime in the next batch might give them a tart kick…

  • jill

    do you think they could be coated on the top with bittersweet chocolate? I thought I would try that for half of them. If you try to add the chocolate when they are set, will it melt the gelatin? I’m making them today and I am going to try the mango with a little lime.

  • Hmm… I don’t think they’d melt if you let them sit in the fridge for a while. I still have a batch in my fridge (sans sugar, of course) and I am doing some chocolate dipped fruit tonight, so perhaps I will slip a few of these in… Good luck. Let me know how the lime is…

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